“I can’t explain but I’ll find music that can.” ~ That is SO true!

Migrate Score

We often neglige production music but it is one of the key elements of production. How many times have we hummed a tune or a jingle from a TV or radio commercial in your head? Let’s not forget the impact of music. It magically flows straight from our ears to our soul and heart. The reason we remember a tune is simply because it creates emotions and feelings.

Music is essential to most productions. At Migrate Production, we spend countless hours looking for the right piece of music. When the music is right, it will elevate your production and take it somewhere very special. Your audience will go from being interested to being attentive and absorbed into your story or message.

Music comes in various forms. There are production music companies that offer thousands of tracks, covering all music styles and personalities. Searching for the right piece of music can take a long time… Time you don’t necessarily have. Let us help you find the right piece of music for your production. Music search is one of our specialties. Our music experts will pick a handful of options and let you listen for a final decision. We can also mix in the music along with your production to give you a better and more efficient way to decide. We also understand that time is often an issue. We offer time sensitive music search and make sure you get what you need, on time and on budget.

Production music can also be edited to fit the length and feel of the rest of the audio. Our editors carefully assemble music tracks, choosing only relevant and compelling sections of the overall piece, resulting in a superior production grade.

If the project refers to specific music specs. (i.e. tempo, breaks, music instruments, lyrics, choirs, sound design, etc…), we will involve our team of composers and musicians to custom score that “perfect” piece. Let us know your music budget and we’ll find you the right resource to create that special track of music you’re looking for.