Looking for a jingle production company?

Custom Jingle Production

Our jingle production team is one of the best in the industry. Our talented team of composers and musicians write and produce music with a passion. We cover a wide variety of styles and genres, so whether you’re looking for that traditional jingle sound or a sleek modern jingle, we have a producer that suits your style.

Jingles have been around for many decades, and they still bring a major impact to the way we advertise on television and on the radio. We all remember our favorite jingles from our childhood, as well as the ones we’ve been hearing on TV or on the radio everyday for the past week or so. This is exactly why custom jingle production remains one of the most important aspects of advertising. Jingles are effective! The facts are quite impressive! Studies reveal that commercial jingles are 90 times more effective at generation brand recognition. Furthermore, while 62% of respondents recalled a particular ad once given a verbal cue, 83% recalled the ad when instead given a musical cue. A jingle that provides a short repetitive rhyme scheme, simple tune, and a specific message that’s on brand, will deliver quality impressions better and more effectively than anything else.

Jingles can rely strictly on music and / or sound design with one or more hooks that explicitly promote the product being advertised. A jingle can also be more explicit and direct, usually through the use of one or more advertising slogans beautifully sang by a group of talented singers.

Don’t settle for online do-it-yourself-services. Many of my clients tell me they’ve wasted hours on trying to create their own jingles and slogans and end up hiring me out of frustration! So value your time and don’t waste it trying to produce something on your own! I am a trained, experienced professional… and MY business is to make YOUR business SOUND GREAT!